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 About Lightning Nuggets Inc.

Lightning Nuggets, Inc. is the manufacturer of the LIGHTNING NUGGETS® & LIGHTNIN' BUGS® Firestarters. 

Our unique, all natural products are made from pitchy pinewood.  Pitch is a tree's reaction to injury, most commonly caused by a lightning strike. thus our company name, Lightning Nuggets, Inc.  We use kiln dried mill ends that have been rejected because of their high pitch content.  We devised a method to pulverize pitch wood; then we compress it with a miniscule amount of food grade wax. 


Lightnin' Bugs® are non-toxic, and environmentally safe.  They are a conscientious utilization of one of nature's by-products as a renewable resource. Lightning Nuggets® firestarter, our original firestarter, when placed round side down the top flat edge is lit, is guaranteed to burn for a minimum of 15 minutes, reaching 480 degrees with an 8+ inch flame.

The Lightnin' Bug® is about a 3rd the size of a Nugget.  It was originally designed for pellet stoves or small fires with appropriately sized fuel.  when placed round side down and the top flat edge is lit, is guaranteed to burn for a minimum of 7 minutes, reaching 360 degrees with a 4+ inch flame.

Our product will eliminate the need for newspaper, dangerous petroleum products or volatile lighter fluid.  They are safe for starting cooking fuels. There will be no residue left on your appliance.  You will only taste the flavor of your food.  They are great for your survival gear when out in the woods.


We guarantee the performance of every single one!


Founded in 1978.

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Lightning Nuggets is endorsed by these leading hearth manufacturers

Endorsed by Buck Stoves   Endorsed by country stove   Endorsed by Travis Industries


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